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E6000 Glue

E6000 Glue

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E6000 is a universal solution for DIY jewellery and other crafts. This adhesive is one of the toughest, most robust adhesives on the market that is graded for use on many surfaces. No wonder it is a favourite among jewellers and DIYers! 

DO NOT use super glue to attach your breast milk stone onto your jewellery as the consistency of the glue is runny and dries with a white residue. 

We recommend using E6000 if your jewellery requires glueing as it has a thicker consistency, dries clear and becomes rubbery which can act as a shock absorber. It is also temperature resistant (unaffected by extreme heat or cold) once cured.

Product Information

Tube size: / 0.18 fl oz

Ideal application temperature: 0 to 32 °C

After applying E6000, it gets tacky in 2 minutes and sets appropriately within 10 minutes (does not dry instantly - allowing for adjustments).

E6000 takes 24 hours to cure fully, and 72 hours to reach the optimum adhesive strength. 

Warning: This is an industrial quality glue. Do not breathe in vapours as they may result in nausea, headache, confusion or instability.


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